Lonza's musical talent blossomed at an early age in Elizabeth City as he sang gospel music in the choirs of St. Stephen and Cornerstone Missionary Baptist churches.  Several members of Wilson Williams' Platters scouted his talent when he was singing at a Gospel music festival at the Harborside Event Center & Centennial Park, a waterfront park in downtown Fort Myers, Fla.
     Bartlett was introduced to Wilson Williams and the  members of the Legacy Platters through a drummer that he had performed with in the early 1990s with Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds & Manchild. 
     "I came back to the roots, man," says Bartlett. I realized, though I was traveling around the world doing the R&B thing, I needed to get back to the foundation... so I got into the ministry."
     Over the past 10 years Bartlett has lived in Elizabeth City off and on while working on his Gospel recording career. He's performed with Gospel greats such as Kirk Franklin and has been working on his own recording label, Elanje Records, Inc.  
     Lonza Bartlett wasn't even born when The Platters and lead singer Tony Williams belted out some of their greatest hits, such as "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes," "The Great Pretender" and "Only You (and You Alone)" for the first time, but Bartlett has been the lead singer for "Wilson Williams' Platters," touring the country.
     Bartlett has performed in Atlantic City, Philadelphia, Las Vegas just to name a few. The group is also preparing for a European tour, and they also made a concert stop in Elizabeth City, NC on at the College of the Albemarle.
     A lady once told me that she closed her eyes and listened and it took her back to when she was a teenager," says Bartlett. "It's (the music) not about me, it's about capturing a time when these people can go back and enjoy." As for crooning the sounds of yesteryear, Bartlett says the music is all about substance.
     In the meantime, he's crooning some of the most well known doo-wop hits to come across the American music scene  over the past 60 years as a legacy member of the Platters.
      Lonza Bartlett is sharing his talent and keeping the importance of the music he is singing and recognizes its impact on the world.

Lonza Antonio Bartlett